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Staying true to yourself through your brand

Updated: Apr 11, 2023


As a brand, you have a unique voice and perspective that no one else can share with your audience. You are not just another company trying to sell something. Your brand is the driving force behind what sets you apart from your competitors. But how do you keep this unique identity when it comes time for your next campaign? The answer lies in staying true to yourself through your brand.

Your time is valuable.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on things that don’t add value to your life and your brand.

You can be a yes-man or you can be a no-man, but if you want to build an empire, don’t be afraid to say no to opportunities when they aren't aligned with your goals and values.

I always say: ‘Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger.' The reason I live by this mantra is because it reminds me of how important it is for me to listen closely to my intuition and not do anything just because someone thinks I should or has asked me repeatedly. (Yes, even if they're close friends or family.) When I decide against doing something based on my gut instinct—and let's face it; our instincts are usually right—my confidence grows more than ever before!

Know your priorities.

What are your priorities?

You should know what you value most in life so that you can stay true to yourself and prioritize accordingly. Knowing your priorities helps you make decisions, stay on track, avoid distractions, avoid burnout and focus on what really matters.

You are worth it.

You are worth it.

You are valuable.

You have value and importance, no matter what anyone else says or thinks about you.

You are unique, special, and have a purpose in this world. You also have a message that needs to be heard by others, whether through your work or simply as someone who has had an impact on others' lives by being kind and compassionate toward them during their darkest moments.

Your story matters because it is part of who you are as an individual; when we lose sight of our stories we become disconnected from ourselves and those around us (which can lead us down a path toward depression). By living your truth each day through your actions towards others—whether that be through volunteering or simply helping out at home—you will feel more connected with yourself while also inspiring others around you with your passion for life!

You have a message, not a product or service to sell.

You have a message, not a product or service to sell.

If you want to make money, there are two ways:

  • Sell products and services.

  • Sell your message (the meaning of things).

People don't buy products or services; they buy what those things mean in their lives.

Don't be afraid to use your brand as a platform for making positive change.

Our brand is our business, and business is personal. This means that we should treat it with the same care and attention as any other aspect of our lives. We can do this by staying true to ourselves and what we believe in—even if that means taking a stand on issues that are important to us. The key here is thinking outside of yourself when considering how best use your business voice. Don't be afraid of offending someone; instead embrace the opportunity present itself when it comes time decide where exactly YOU stand on certain issues!

We each have something unique inside of us and our brand is the platform to express that uniquely!

We each have a unique voice to share and our brand is the platform to express that uniquely!

  • Your brand is your message, not your product or service.

  • Your brand is the vehicle through which you deliver that message—not what you're selling.

  • Your brand is not about getting more followers or likes; it's about connecting with people who want to hear from YOU!


Creating a brand is hard work. It takes time and effort to develop the right message and style for your company, but it's well worth it. When you know who you are and what you want your brand to be, the world becomes a lot less scary place! Remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes down to building your brand.

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